EVVO Snowshoe 4
8 November 2018

ShoShibaa snowshoes

69,95  TTC

They’re the new generation snowshoes specially designed for children.
Intuitive and fun, they offer comfortable walking, allowing the youngest ones to take full advantage of their outings into the snow.
Before, there were snowshoes; now there are ShoShibaas!

Unique color: Super Heroes

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Recycled and recyclable : ShoShibaas are made from 60% recycled materials. They are assembled without any metallic parts. They are 100% recyclable! If you return them to EVVO, we will make new ones from them.

Ergonomic walking: a patented shape certified by podologists, lightness and flexibility of materials. Everything children like!

All-terrain adherence: The soles have a unique, patented geometry with blade grips using EVVO 3D technology.

Bearing capacity: patented spatula-free shape retains your natural step.Running in powdery snow, crossing rivers, taking a break in the warm, ShoShibaas adapt to their day in the mountains and not the contrary! .

Intuitiveness:Intuitive one-strap adjustment, it can be changed in the blink of an eye by children themselves.

ShoShibaas are so much more than snowshoes!


Unique size – 30 to 36 – Super Heroes