Rambling and everyday travel..

You can cover all types of terrain, even snowy, with great agility!

On ever more delightful rambles you don’t ever want to end, you will get a gentle introduction to mountain trails where you can make the most of the present moment. You will clear all obstacles safely to reach wilder parts, observe nature and soak up the unending scenery.

Your everyday mountain routine will be a cinch: what a great comfort to walk smoothly and naturally wherever you go. Your journeys over snowy terrain will know no bounds!

Boost your Nordic walking with EVVO Walk®!

With EVVO Snowshoes and the EVVO Walk® programme, enjoy Nordic walking all year round!

Are you on the lookout for a "leisure sport” which lets you relax and get fit at the same time?

Do you already enjoy Nordic walking and its benefits, and don’t see why the snow should stop you? With EVVO Walk®, you can enjoy an easy yet vigorous activity on snowy terrain.

Where to go Nordic walking ?

Use the same movements as when Nordic walking:

  • whatever the terrain and however much snow has fallen;
  • optimising proprioceptive exercise by harnessing the imbalance caused by different types of snow;
  • for mountain fun amid snow-white scenery.

Adopt a fitness attitude with EVVO Fit®?

If you want to stay in shape throughout the winter and have fun in the snow, check out EVVO Fit®!

Kitted out in your EVVO Snowshoes, you will perform a series of dynamic movements outdoors, on snowy terrain.

This will strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness while you play around in the snow.

Where to do EVVO Fit ?

A great outdoor fitness session, to recharge your batteries and stimulate your body and mind!

If you are a mountain and/or fitness professional, why not become an EVVO Fit® trainer? Contact us today.

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Hiking with your dog, freeriding, hunting & fishing: this product has been designed for a whole host of activities!

Why not invent your own EVVO experience!

You’ve never felt such freedom of movement. So, snowy fun and the great outdoors, here you come: Speed-hiking, freeriding, hiking with your dog, hunting or fishing: the sky’s the limit, not the snow!

What are YOU going to get up to in your EVVO Snowshoes?
Share your experiences with us...