Brand history and environment

EVVO, an innovative young brand founded near Mount Pilat in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes already awarded one Observeur du Design Star!

The name EVVO is a portmanteau scrunching “evolution” with the local dialect word “avvo” meaning “forge ahead, come with me”. The firm was founded in 2017, in Bourg-Argental, by Hervé Piron and Joel Varaine, both managers at local firm MPI, specialising in plastic injection moulding, with an enthusiastic sporting goods designer, Oliver Reboullet. Together, they decided to pool the skills and expertise of their staff to provide outdoor sports enthusiasts with innovative, intuitive solutions.

EVVO has taken up its first challenge, in snowshoeing, with the design of a revolutionary snowshoe, manufactured in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and developed in collaboration with Michelin. EVVO Snowshoes received the Observeur du Design label in 2019.


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EVVO philosophy

User experience, innovation, and quality are what drive the EVVO brand.

Taking a collaborative design approach, EVVO draws inspiration from the user experience to design ground-breaking, user-oriented products and services. Throughout the development phase, each prototype is tested by in-house staff, with support from seasoned professionals working in complementary fields, as well as a panel of users. Our highly-qualified staff strive to ensure quality of creation, design and production, according to a shared philosophy centred on user satisfaction.

Our partners

Without them, there could have been no revolution in walking!