EVVO snowshoes, patented technology for all snow-lovers.

Based on user observation, EVVO snowshoes are a true technical innovation developed and manufactured in France.

A novel alternative to traditional racket snowshoes, EVVO snowshoes are a concentration of technology offering unprecedented freedom of movement in snowy conditions.

  • A unique light, silent sole developed in partnership with Michelin, with real all-terrain grip.
  • An overshoe in innovative MATRYX fabric, allowing your feet to stay dry thanks to its water-repellent and breathable properties.
  • An intuitive adjustment system facilitating its adjustment over any type of shoe.
  • An ergonomic design certified by podologists for a natural stride.
  • A shoe offering protection and comfort.

An expert, all-terrain sole

Thanks to its unique sole, using MICHELIN technology, there are no limits to your exploring snowy landscapes.


Does the sole seem familiar? Its geometric architecture has been inspired by snow tyres. We have been working with the tyre experts, Michelin, to assure you optimum adherence and mobility on various terrains such as stone, grass and above all snow, ice and wet ground.

  • 100% rubber sole
  • Unique geometric architecture inspired by snow and ice tyres
  • Optimum adherence and durability

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Free in your movements

An ergonomic design certified by podologists for a natural stride!

Its spatula-free shape allows everyone to retain their own walking style whatever the type of ground covered. The curved shape of EVVO snowshoes has been designed to fit the morphology of your foot perfectly.

The lightness and suppleness of the materials used in its manufacture allow great flexibility. The use of MATRYX technology gives you greater comfort. The flexibility and easily adjusted rigidity of the strap retains your natural step when walking.

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Famille Randonnée raquette à neige

Thermal and acoustic comfort

Comfortably shod, you get 100% enjoyment from your activity and the present moment.


Bearing capacity

Walk in the snow, whatever its condition.


Intuitive use to simplify your outings into the mountains!


Designed using flexible materials, EVVO snowshoes are fitted with an adjustment system allowing the shoes to fit perfectly to your feet. Carrying, handling and putting EVVO snowshoes on really is child’s play.

  • Light, flexible materials
  • Double kick and heel adjustment system for the adult model
  • A unique and intuitive heel adjustment system for the child model
  • Intuitive fitting and adjustment

You’re ready to go in less time that it takes to say it!

Testing EVVO Snowshoe