EVVO Snowshoes, patented technology for all snow lovers.

Designed around user observations, EVVO Snowshoe are a truly high-tech innovation, developed and manufactured in France

As an all-new alternative to classic snowshoe, EVVO Snowshoe feature a concentration of technologies to help you walk naturally and smoothly on all types of snowy terrain. They are lightweight, adjustable and ergonomic, the ideal footwear for your mountain excursions.

  • All-terrain grip developed with Michelin
  • Innovative upper made with Matryx technology
  • Nifty binding adjustment system that's easy to adjust on all types of shoes
  • Podiatrist-certified ergonomic design
  • Foot protection for unrivalled walking comfort

All-terrain grip

The unique sole harnesses Michelin technology so you never have to hold back when exploring snowy terrain.


With over a century of experience developing tyres for all types of surfaces, including icy and snowy roads, Michelin is an essential partner in the development of EVVO Snowshoe.

This collaboration has produced an all-rubber sole, featuring a unique geometric design and a grip suitable for ice and snow. Inspired by Michelin’s ice and snow tyre technology, the sole affords an all-terrain grip and outstanding durability for EVVO Snowshoe

  • All-rubber sole
  • Unique geometric design inspired by ice and snow tyres
  • Optimum durability and grip

EVVO Snowshoe are one of many outdoor products developed using Michelin technology.

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Walking ergonomics

A patented, podiatrist-certified ergonomic design to help you walk smoothly and naturally on snowy terrain!

There is no protruding tip, meaning that all users can keep to their own walking style, whatever the terrain they are covering. The curved form of EVVO Snowshoes was designed to fit all foot shapes.

The supple, lightweight materials afford great flexibility. Matryx technology offers enhanced comfort. The strap features progressive flexibility, ensuring a smooth, natural gait.

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Famille Randonnée raquette à neige

Thermal and acoustic comfort

With comfortable shoes, you can enjoy your activity to the full,completely carefree!



Walking on all sorts of snow.

Intuitive design

An intuitive design to simplify your mountain excursions!


Designed using supple materials, EVVO Snowshoes feature a binding adjustment system that ensures a perfect fit on your foot. Carrying, handling, and donning EVVO Snowshoes is mere child’s play.

  • Lightweight, flexible materials
  • Dual binding system for instep and heel
  • Intuitive fitting

You’re ready before you can say “snow”!

Testing EVVO Snowshoe